Our People

Site Superintendents

Kyle Anderson

Kyle Anderson, RSE, GSC


Kyle started with Westland in June 2011. His skill, work ethic and integrity propelled him into a superintendent role in January 2014. While much of his experience comes from hands-on residential and commercial carpentry, Kyle continues to enhance his knowledge of all facets of construction. He received his Gold Seal Certification in 2020. Kyle is competent, friendly and brings a positive attitude to the workplace; all of which make him an asset to the Westland family.

Marcus Athitang

Marcus Athitang


Marcus is a long-time Westland team member who continually demonstrates an excellent work ethic and desire to learn and grow. After joining Westland as a site labourer in 2004, Marcus developed his skills and abilities and has since become a respected and indispensable Site Superintendent.

Walter Dyck

Walter Dyck, B.A., RSE, GSC


Walter has more than 12 years of experience in residential, commercial and institutional construction. A Red Seal Carpenter, Walter has also obtained his Gold Seal Certification as a Superintendent. Problem solving, looking into the project details and expecting a high quality of workmanship from trades makes him an asset to the Westland team and the clients we build for.

Gary Gallaher

Gary Gallaher, RSE


After Gary completed his Carpentry Level 1 pre-employment at MITT, his instructor recommended him to Westland. He started his career at Westland in the summer of 2012, completed his Red Seal apprenticeship program, and subsequently became a Superintendent in 2016. His experience ranges from residential renovations to commercial construction and has included projects in Healthcare, Schools, office spaces, and much more. Gary strives to keep an organized safe workplace and works hard to implement Lean construction initiatives.

Steve Horvat

Steve Horvat, RSE


Steve is one of Westland's most steadfast team members and a valued Superintendent, having been with the company since 1992. With a vast knowledge of the construction industry, specifically in concrete, Steve's talent allows him to work on various projects with ease. He is a gifted leader and plays a critical role on the Westland team.

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Kevin James

Kevin James, RSE, GSC


Kevin joined Westland in October 2010. His 22 years of experience in building and renovating commercial, institutional, industrial and residential projects make Kevin a key component of a project team.

Kevin is a Red Seal Inter-Provincial Interior Systems Mechanic, holds a certification in Construction Operations and Site Supervision from B.C.I.T. and has achieved his Gold Seal Certification.

Gerry Poirier

Gerry Poirier, GSC


As a Superintendent, Gerry runs the day-to-day operations on construction sites and controls the short-term schedule. His easy-going but effective leadership style keeps his team as well as the sub trades on track. Having been with Westland since 2003, Gerry enjoys the variety and challenge in his job.

Gerry is a Gold Seal Certified Superintendent with a diverse skill set including three years as a welder, four years in residential construction and two years with a condo developer.

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Ken Smith

Ken Smith


Ken started his career as a labourer, working his way to become a carpenter lead hand. He's had a long successful career in the industry that's seen him work for multiple construction companies on commercial, multi tenant, manufacturing and industrial projects. Ken's experience and expertise in these sectors enabled him to start supervising jobs in 2000. Ken brought all of his experience to us at Westand when he joined our team in 2020.

Hubert Verrier

Hubert Verrier, RSE, GSC


Hubert gave up a 20-year career to follow his passion for carpentry. Now a Journeyman Carpenter, Hubert is fulfilling his dreams as a Superintendent for Westland, overseeing the successful completion of many large-scale residential and commercial projects. Since joining Westland in March 2008, Hubert has since become an integral part of the company, putting his work ethic and intellect toward problem solving, keeping track of the budget and making sure projects are completed on schedule.

In 2011, Hubert completed the Red Seal Carpentry program at Red River College and has also achieved his Gold Seal Certification, indicating his years of experience and education in construction.

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