Our Affiliations

Our Affiliations

Involved in our industry

Westland is engaged in the success and growth of the construction industry, participating in a variety of industry organizations, including:

Winnipeg Construction Association
For more than a century, this organization has shared construction information and provided educational and networking opportunities.

.Construction Safety Association of Manitoba
The Association's mandate is to promote safety through training, education, information and resource material.

Canadian Construction Association
The Canadian Construction Association develops and promotes standard tendering and contractual practices and procedures, as well as acting as an advocate for the industry.

Lean Construction Institute - Canada
The mission of the Lean Construction Institute - Canada is to foster a culture of continuous improvement in the planning, design and construction industry through the adoption of lean principles.

Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce
The Chamber is a leading organization representing business in our community. As the "voice of business", The Chamber ensures that the business perspective is heard on the issues of the day.

Construction Leadership Network
The Construction Leadership Network was formed on the principal of bringing together top construction entrepreneurs and their key personnel to exchange ideas and share best practices to improve the industry, themselves, and their organizations.

Manitoba Women in Construction (MWC)
The MWC is a volunteer driven, not-for-profit group established in Spring 2014, and operates within the Winnipeg Construction Association. This is an organization of women working within Manitoba's construction industry who share a common goal of supporting, educating and mentoring women in construction.

Merit Contractors Association of Manitoba
Our organization consists of more than 200 Manitoba open shop companies, ranging from very small to very large. MERIT companies and their employees are committed to achieving the highest standards of safety, quality, efficiency and economy.

Mechanical Contractors Association of Manitoba
We are the unified voice and provide leadership for the mechanical contracting industry across Manitoba.

The Manitoba P.E.O. Foundation
The Manitoba P.E.O. Foundation was established in 1988 to advance education and provide relief of financial need to women for educational or charitable purposes through its endowment fund.

Young Construction Leaders of Manitoba (YCLM)
Young Construction Leaders of Manitoba is a group of young professionals working in Manitoba's construction industry.