Our Quality Management System

Our Quality Management System

At Westland we believe that client satisfaction is the key to our success and that a properly designed and implemented Quality Management System (QMS) makes that a priority. Our QMS requires that client feedback be encouraged from multiple sources and that this information be managed and used to improve client satisfaction.

In addition to increased attention to our clients, Westand's QMS ensures we keep working to:

  • Improve our processes
  • Reduce waste
  • Lower costs
  • Facilitate and identify training opportunities
  • Engage staff
  • Set organization-wide direction

Our QMS consists of a set of processes, procedures and objectives that direct and control our organization with respect to quality processes - from estimating a project to the successful completion of the actual construction. However, for Westland it also means more than just a set of documents and records; it is an ongoing process of identifying risks and more importantly, opportunities for improvement in our systems and processes involving all aspects of our business. From top management to our staff working on the job site, we strive to be conscious of what we are doing, how it can be improved and then implementing changes to further perfect these systems and processes.

That desire to have a more holistic quality program was reflected in our decision to adopt the management principles found in the ISO 9001 quality management standard. This ensures our QMS meets the international standard specifying requirements for quality management systems. Learn more about ISO 9001 and our commitment to meeting this standard on the related page: Our ISO Certification

By continuously cultivating capabilities, people, processes and technology, Westland has become an industry leader committed to delivering top performance, cost effectiveness and client contentment on every project.