New and Upcoming Projects

New and Upcoming Projects

Headingly Corrections Furnace Repair

6030 Portage Avenue (2018)

Civil work including new housekeeping pads, roof work and repair of siding and drywall to facilitate the installation of new HVAC equipment.

201 Portage Humidification Upgrade

201 Portage Ave (Fall 2018)

Providing temporary openings for mechanical units, then patching once mechanical units are installed. Also providing new bulkheads to hide new piping, as well as providing new roof opening.

SMHC Barnett Building Cooling System Upgrades

825 Manitoba Ave (Fall 2018)

House keeping pads, fencing and landscaping for cooling upgrades to the Alfred Barnett Building at the Selkirk Mental Health Center.

2025 Corydon Landlord Upgrades

2025 Corydon (Fall 2018)

Provide opening in drywall, and patch once mechanical is complete. Also patch four roof openings.

EM Crowe Hospital Generator Installation

Ericksdale, MB (Fall 2018)

Supply and install thickened edge concrete pad and fourteen bollards. Also responsible for removal of a shed, trees and 1 housekeeping pad.

Portage WTP

Southport, MB (Winter 2019)

New block wall, new housekeeping pads and concrete benching for upgrades at the Portage Water Treatment Plant.

Garden Variety - Seasons

500 Sterling Lyon Parkway (Fall 2018)

Interior fit up of existing shell space to create a new marijuana dispensary.

Garden Variety - Ellice

1424 Ellice Ave (Fall 2018)

Interior fit up of existing shell space to create a new marijuana dispensary.

160 Tuxedo Chill

160 Tuxedo Ave (Winter 2019)

Installation of new galvanized steel structure for new chiller installation. Includes new roofing to suit steel install.

Cloverdale Paint Code Compliance Upgrades

50 Panet Road (Winter 2019)

Phase 1 of the Code Compliance upgrades, which focuses mainly on the additional HVAC and electrical upgrades, with asbestos remediation to suit.

Simplot Electrical Vault Modifications

Simplot Rd. Portage La Prairie (Winter 2019)

Saw cut and remove existing concrete floor for new electrical, with new concrete floor to be placed once electrical is completed.

Boundary Trails RO System Replacement

Hwy 3, Winkler MB (Winter 2019)

Modify one concrete base and pour one housekeeping pad.