New and Upcoming Projects

New and Upcoming Projects

MH Long Spruce Access Doors

Gillam, MB (Winter 2020)

Installation of access doors at the Hydro Dam in Long Spruce.

TCPL Station 41 Window Replacement

1048 Arnould Rd., Ile-Des Chenes, MB. (December 2019)

Replacing two (2) windows.

HSC Phcyc Health Anti Ligature Project

Health Sciences Center (Early 2020)

Assist in design & renovation of five total facilities at the Health Science Center to make the patient care area's of the facilities anti-ligature areas.

Fermor YMCA Refresh

5 Fermor Ave. (Winter 2020)

Renovations to the South YMCA on Fermor including upgrades to the exterior main entrance with the addition of a canopy, benches and bike racks. Interior renovations include a new reception area with wood slat ceilings and new desks, wall protection and paint throughout the main public spaces. Included in the work is the removal of masonry to make way for a new storefront glass and aluminum entrance to the fitness area.

PTSD Fall Protection

Various Pembina Trails Schools (Spring 2020)

Fall protection upgrades to roof top mechanical units including railings and ladders.

McClure Place Generator

533 Greenwood Pl (December 2019)

New exterior housekeeping pad for the installation of a new backup generator including piles and bollards. Some minor interior work including a bulk head extension.

SMHC Electrical Upgrades

Selkirk, Manitoba (February 6, 2020)

This project includes new fire rated walls for the new electrical room. Also involves modification of the existing stairs and new finishes.

NorWest on Alexander Interior Renovations

1880 Alexander Ave (2020)

Renovation of existing building to include new kitchen, updated meeting room, and new office spaces. Accessibility to the building is being brought up to ocde, with upgrades to the existing washroom, and a new entrance ramp.