New and Upcoming Projects

New and Upcoming Projects

EM Crowe Hospital Generator Installation

Ericksdale, MB (Spring 2019)

Supply and install thickened edge concrete pad and fourteen bollards. Also responsible for removal of a shed, trees and 1 housekeeping pad.

Portage WTP

Southport, MB (Spring 2019)

New block wall, new housekeeping pads and concrete benching for upgrades at the Portage Water Treatment Plant.

160 Tuxedo Chill

160 Tuxedo Ave (Spring 2019)

Installation of new galvanized steel structure for new chiller installation. Includes new roofing to suit steel install.

Simplot Electrical Vault Modifications

Simplot Rd. Portage La Prairie (Spring 2019)

Saw cut and remove existing concrete floor for new electrical, with new concrete floor to be placed once electrical is completed.

Boundary Trails RO System Replacement

Hwy 3, Winkler MB (Spring 2019)

Modify one concrete base and pour one housekeeping pad.

MHC Vacuum Pump Replacement

99 Cornish (Spring 2019)

Civil work associated with the vacuum pump replacement which includes modifying a housekeeping pad, painting the mechanical room floor and roof work for new mechanical.

Forks Market - Loving Barber

1 Forks Market Rd (Spring 2019)

Creation of a new barber shop on the second floor of the Forks Market building.

Forks Market Outdoor Commons

1 Forks Market Road (Spring 2019)

Creation of a new indoor/outdoor bar.

MB Hydro Radisson WTP Upgrades

Radisson Water Treatment Plant (Spring 2019)

Creation of housekeeping pads to accommodate upgrades at the Radisson Water Treatment Plant.

WCA Miscellaneous Improvements

1447 Waverley St. (Spring 2019)

Various repairs to the WCA and CSAM offices including replacing a washroom mirror, repairs to the exterior stairs, repairing the warehouse pit grates, replacing the weatherstripping on doors, and repairing damaged metal siding and downspouts.

KWB Office Renovation

1160 Pembina Hwy. (May 1, 2019)

Renovations to existing building at 1160 Pembina Hwy for the new office location for KWB Chartered Accountants Inc.

Oak Park Roof Replacement

820 Charleswood Road (June 19, 2019)

As a part of ongoing improvements to the school, the School Division is reinforcing the roof structure to accommodate new codes regarding snow load. As part of this work, the existing ceilings will be removed, electrical and mechanical components removed and some of the block walls removed to make way for new structural steel. All components will then be replaced with new or put back into place before the end of August for the start of the school year. During this work the lighting will be upgraded in the Home Economics classroom and some existing asbestos containing materials will be properly abated.

DLC Medication, Tub & UTR Renovations

2109 Portage Avenue (May 31, 2019)

Changing the use of the 7th floor Kitchenette and Dining Room to a new Medication Room and Charging Station. Project also includes the renovation of two Universal Toilet Rooms, one Tub Room and another Charging Station Room. New finishes include new millwork, flooring, paint, wall protection and washroom accessories to meet accessibility requirements, with new electrical and plumbing to suit the renovation.

Oak Park Locker Room

820 Charleswood Road (June 30, 2019)

Renovations to locker room.

U of M Biological Science Building Room 305

50 Sifton Road (May 23, 2019)

This project, located at the University of Manitoba Fort Garry Campus is a renovations of rooms 305A and 305B to remove a wall disjointing them in order to create one larger, more accessible space.

CancerCare 2nd Floor Office

675 McDermot Avenue (June 10, 2019)

Constructing a new office by removing existing millwork, and adding new steel stud and drywall wall, with glazing, maple door and paint to match existing construction.

20-013-KC Grace Hospital Retail Food Service Expansion

300 Booth Drive (June 13, 2019)

Renovation and expansion of the Grace Hospital Food Services, as well as turning a vacant space into a seating area and gift shop, and creating a Universal Washroom. New finishes throughout, such as new millwork, aluminum doors, ceramic tile, flooring, paint, and ceilings, with electrical and mechanical upgrades to suit the new space.

RRC Motive Lab Refrigeration Upgrade

2055 Notre Dame Avenue (July 8, 2019)

This project consists of adding an Air Make-up Unit to the Red River College Motive Lab, built just last year (2018). Westland's scope for this project consists of creating all required roof openings, a new masonry alcove, installation of a steel door & frame, as well as all patching and painting.

1041 Portage Wall

1041 Portage Ave (Summer 2019)

Repair of wall opening.