New and Upcoming Projects

New and Upcoming Projects

Route 20 Underpass Pumping Station

830 Lagimodiere Blvd (Fall 2018)

Excavation and renovation of existing City of Winnipeg pumping station.

Headingly Corrections Furnace Repair

6030 Portage Avenue (2018)

Civil work including new housekeeping pads, roof work and repair of siding and drywall to facilitate the installation of new HVAC equipment.

Syndicate Flood Pumping Station Upgrades

200 Syndicate Street (Fall 2018)

Flood pumping station upgrades including new walls, roofing, mechanical and electrical upgrades.

Four Points Washroom Renovation

2935 Pembina Hwy (Fall 2018)

Renovation of the existing washrooms at the Four Points Sheraton including new tile, marble wall panels and paint refresh.

YMCA Downtown Bike Studio

428 Portage Ave (Fall 2018)

Renovation to an existing racquetball court to turn it into a bike studio, work includes new lighting, new ceiling with HVAC upgrades, sprinkler work and a new aluminum door to the space.

Carman Collegiate Boiler Replacement

Carman (Fall 2018)

Civil work for new boiler replacement in the boiler room of the Carman Collegiate. Work includes demolition of existing housekeeping pads, pour new housekeeping pad, new drywall ceiling and floor, as well as roofing and masonry patching.

201 Portage Humidification Upgrade

201 Portage Ave (Fall 2018)

Providing temporary openings for mechanical units, then patching once mechanical units are installed. Also providing new bulkheads to hide new piping, as well as providing new roof opening.

Baltimore Flood Pump Station

250 Churchill (Fall 2018)

New hatches and guardrails, new wall insulation with drywall and paint, insulate ceiling and drywall, new roof hatch with roofing, new steel platform and stairs and concrete repairs.

SMHC Barnett Building Cooling System Upgrades

825 Manitoba Ave (Fall 2018)

House keeping pads, fencing and landscaping for cooling upgrades to the Alfred Barnett Building at the Selkirk Mental Health Center.