New and Upcoming Projects

New and Upcoming Projects

Fort Rouge Transit

421 Orborne (Summer 2018)

Civil work for the HVAC upgrades for the Fort Rouge Transit Storage Tracks 1-12

RCM Precious Metals Secure Storage

520 Lagimodiere Blvd (Summer 2018)

This project at the Royal Canadian Mint involves the creation of a secure storage facility for precious metals within the existing building. Included is the building of the walls and roof structure with all required lighting and HVAC which includes the security system and several measure to ensure that access to the building is only possible by the approved personnel.

Ecole Margaret Underhill Steam Replacement

25 Regina Pl. (Summer 2018)

Civil works to accommodate the mechanical upgrades, including steel installations, masonry, and patching and repairing of finishes, including millwork.

VGH Mental Health Consolidation

2340 Pembina Hwy (Summer 2018)

Complete renovation of three floors of the VGH bed towere to create a new consolidated acute mental health facility.

MCI Drain Line Repair

1475 Clarence Ave (Summer 2018)

Replace the existing drain line with new, properly sloped, and connected to new catch basin. Also included is the video recording of main line to determine any additional blockages.

RCM Employee Locker Room Upgrade

520 Lagimodiere Blvd (Summer 2018)

This work includes the selective demolition of the existing employee locker rooms at the Royal Canadian Mint. The renovation includes for a new layout with new tile, accessories and plumbing and lighting fixtures.

Coin Sculpture Foundation

Portage and Carlton (Summer 2018)

Foundation work for a downtown Winnipeg sculpture.

HSC Surgical ICU Reno

820 Sherbrook (Summer 2018)

Renovation of an existing surgical ICU space to incorporate new medical gas and services.

Victoria General Hospital Outpatient & Clinic

2340 Pembina Hwy (Summer 2018)

Renovation of the ground floor and lower level to create a new mass storage space, and a new outpatient clinic.

Route 20 Underpass Pumping Station

830 Lagimodiere Blvd (Fall 2018)

Excavation and renovation of existing City of Winnipeg pumping station.

Stony Mountain CC Upgrades

117 School Road, Stony Mountain (Summer 2018)

The replacement of existing eroded sanitary drainage as well as the renovation of the existing space to include for two new change rooms complete with showers and washrooms.

Headingly Corrections Furnace Repair

6030 Portage Avenue (2018)

Civil work including new housekeeping pads, roof work and repair of siding and drywall to facilitate the installation of new HVAC equipment.

Air Canada Park Sculpture Foundation

345 Portage Avenue (Summer 2018)

Construction of the foundation for the three sculptures located in the Air Canada Park of downtown Winnipeg.