New and Upcoming Projects

New and Upcoming Projects

EM Crowe Hospital Generator Installation

Ericksdale, MB (Fall 2019)

Supply and install thickened edge concrete pad and fourteen bollards. Also responsible for removal of a shed, trees and 1 housekeeping pad.

Forks Market Outdoor Commons

1 Forks Market Road (Fall 2019)

Creation of a new indoor/outdoor bar.

HSC Inpatient Room Renovation

820 Sherbrook St. (Summer 2019)

This project consists of renovating one room in the Children's Hospital at HSC, which will serve as a prototype for future renovation projects.

MH Long Spruce Access Doors

Gilliam, MB (Summer 2019)

Installation of access doors at the Hydro Dam in Long Spruce.

215 Tecumseh Boiler Room Fire Rating

215 Tecumseh Street (August 26, 2019)

Boiler room fire rating upgrade.

Busy Bee Daycare

640 McGee Street (September)

Renovations at Busy Bee Daycare including washroom upgrades, fencing for a new play area and new doors and windows.

U of M Cage Wash Pad

190 Dysart Rd (Fall 2019)

Placement of one housekeeping pad.

175 Hargrave Boiler Replacement

175 Hargrave (Fall 2019)

Supply and install a housekeeping pad.

215 Tecumseh Overhead Door

215 Techumseh St (Fall 2019)

Demolition of masonry wall for the install of a new electric 16 x 16 overhead door.

Isaac Brock School Chimney Repair

1265 Barratt Ave. (Fall 2019)

Removal of a 3'x10' section of block for M&E access, then replacement and painting.

Whittier Park Concrete Pads

836 Rue Saint Joseph (October 7, 2019)

Prep, place and finish two exterior concrete pads and eight concrete filled bollards.