New and Upcoming Projects

New and Upcoming Projects

Forks Canopy Upgrade

1 Forks Market Road (May 2023)

New art hanger & art work to be hung within the existing skating canopy at The Forks, as well as new furniture for the public under the canopy.

365 Hargrave Server Room Exhaust

365 Hargrave Street (May 2023)

The work of this project consists of creating two openings for louvers as well as removing and re-installing acoustical ceiling tiles.

Golden Gate School AC Upgrade

330 Bruce Avenue (April 2023)

The work of this project consists of exterior wall patching, as well as interior wall penetrations with grout. Also providing an exterior brick wall opening complete with steel lintels for new piping penetrations as well as supplying and installing a steel stud framed GWB box.

McDonald's Sherbrook

664 Portage Avenue (April 2023)

Demolition and remodel of existing McDonald's restaurant.

BGIS WRC Loading Dock Piping

1700 Inkster Boulevard (March 2023)

Replace rotten drainpipes under the concrete in loading dock area. Water is not draining properly. Diagram attached. Scope includes: Scan and cut concrete, excavate down to existing drains, remove old drains and install new PVC drains, connect new drains to existing catch basins, backfill and refinish concrete.

Sargent Washroom Renovations

1271 Sargent Avenue (March 2023)

The work of this project consists of the demo / removal of the existing vanity, toilet, washroom accessories, ceramic tile on floor and the install of new ceramic, new vanity and toilet and reinstallation of washroom accessories.

McDonald's Lagimodiere

15 Reenders Drive (March 2023)

Renovation of existing McDonald's restaurant at the corner of Lagimodiere and Reenders.

Carpathia Unit

1-448 Carpathia Road (March 2023)

Project consists of foundation repairs and miscellaneous finishes.

CBC Boiler Replacement

541 Portage Avenue (March 2023)

The work of this project consists of constructing a vertical and horizontal chase as well as extending an existing housekeeping pad.

Tommy Hilfiger Sink Repairs

555 Sterling Lyon Parkway (February 2023)

The work on this project consists of installing two new volt electric hot water tanks for staff washrooms.

25 Furniture Park LA Repairs

25 Furniture Park Road (February 2023)

The work of this project consists of the supply and placement of 4 concrete jersey barriers.

U of M Drake Rooms 105 and 107

81 Freedman Crescent (February 2023)

The project consists of renovations to rooms 105 and 107 Drake. The renovations will bring the lecture theaters up to a consistent level of quality, finish and branding, Renovations include, but are not limited to, new furniture and podium, flooring, wall acoustics, ceiling and lighting, AV equipment, etc., to create an inspiring new learning space.

RCMP D Division Piping Replace

1091 Portage Avenue (January 2023)

Project consists of miscellaneous finishes to support mechanical improvements.

The Forks Sydneys Washroom Reno

1 Forks Market Rd (January 2023)

The work of this project consists of the demo of existing washroom fixtures and installation of new ones. New vanities in the washroom and new flooring in the hallway.

The Forks Sydneys Kitchen Demo

1 Forks Market Rd (January 2023)

The work of this project consists of the demo of flooring, interior partitions, mechanical and electrical. New sheet vinyl to be installed throughout. Painting of walls. new HM door and frame.

Deer Lodge SCBU

2109 Portage Avenue (January 2023)

The Deer Lodge Centre 7th Foor SCBU Redevelopment Project Consists of an approximate 500m2 Interior renovation that requires modifications to the existing architectural finishes and millwork, and minor modifications to mechanical and electrical systems to the 7th floor west dining lounge and minor architectural finishing and electrical renovations to the existing south wing corridors and south dining lounge at Deer Lodge Centre.


409 Tache Avenue (January 2023)

Work of this Contract comprises renovation of electric supply for HVAC fans, located at St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg.