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The Forks Office - Union Station

The Forks Office - Union Station


The Forks North Portage

Prime Consultant

5468796 Architecture


130 - 123 Main Street Winnipeg, MB


Westland Construction's working relationship with The Forks continues to grow, with the contractor playing a pivotal role as Construction Manager to help The Forks North Portage centralize its head office, merging the Portage Place office with The Forks Market office, all under one roof in Union Station.

"We're extremely satisfied with the work that Westland has put into our new office space, working off modern design by 546 Architecture," says Paul Jordan, CEO, The Forks North Portage. "We were able to get into this space, expose a ton of the original ceiling, flooring and fixtures and arrange it in such a way that we have a ton of natural light, private work spaces functioning in a relatively open concept."

When working with heritage buildings like The Forks Market and spaces as old and ornate as Union Station, The Forks is a demanding client and appreciates Westland Construction's ability to adapt to changing ideas on the fly, based on discoveries made once construction is underway. The Forks' relationship with Westland Construction has been integral to much of the refresh and renovation in The Forks Market and head office over the last four years, which has led to a significant increase in visitation to Winnipeg's most cherished meeting place and tourist destination.

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