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Sunova Credit Union - North Main

Sunova Credit Union - North Main


Sunova Credit Union

Prime Consultant

Prairie Architects


2526 Main St #2, Winnipeg, MB


Admiring the graceful curves of the lofty ceilings in the central atrium area of Sunova Credit Union's building located in Winnipeg's Riverbend, your eye is easily drawn to the beautiful wood beams that make this space possible. The wood beams are actually layers of carefully selected timbers joined by means of heat, pressure and adhesives called glulams.

By bringing together multiple layers of material in the right way, you end up with a resulting product that is pound for pound stronger than steel with some significant advantages over concrete. Similarly, when an owner and a team of professionals come together in the right way and with the right 'glue', obstacles can be overcome. This unified approach can produce equally beautiful and innovative solutions.

As Construction Manager, Westland joined the client's team and assumed responsibility for overall management and construction. Not surprisingly, this is the method most likely to produce an on-time, on-budget, and successful project.

Prime Consultant Prairie Architects' innovative and 'green' design features 90% natural daylight, and sustainable products like the timber in the glulam supported roof section. Once Westland completed the one storey, 9400 sq. ft. construction, the building was awarded LEED® Silver Certification.

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