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Red Ember - The Forks Market

Red Ember - The Forks Market


The Forks Renewal Corporation

Prime Consultant

Number TEN


1 Forks Market Road, Winnipeg, MB


Visitors taking a trip to The Forks Market must do so at mealtime. Together with Prime Consultant Number TEN Architecture, Westland has transformed The Forks Market's mouth-watering fresh food hall with three new trendy eateries, including hip pizzeria, Red Ember Common.

The restaurants - Red Ember Common, Passero and Fools & Horses, were all part of the same multi-restaurant project. Construction of Fools & Horses finished and the operation was off to the races before construction on the remaining restaurants took off. Due to the detailed design required for the small spaces - Red Ember Common measures 950 sq. ft. and Passero is slightly larger at 1,600 sq. ft., once design was complete, Westland was faced with a tight six weeks to complete the projects.

Capitalizing on their strengths as Construction Manager and unique ability to schedule and plan accordingly, Westland and their dedicated staff delivered the pizza - 'err, pizzeria - on time.

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