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Oz Condominiums

Oz Condominiums


OZ Condominium Development Inc.

Prime Consultant

5468796 Architecture


406 River Ave, Winnipeg, MB


Much like the Emerald City was the showpiece in the mythical Land of Oz, Oz Condos is a shining jewel in Osborne Village. The complex, located at River and Bole, demanded some careful planning and innovative architecture to fit smartly on the tight property. General Contractor Westland Construction was up to the challenge, incorporating state-of-the-art strategies to the unique structure. Of the building's 25 units, five are on a single storey; the rest are multi-level. Only two of the unit designs repeat themselves in Oz, meaning 23 floor plans are unique. The units range in size from 800 to about 1,700 sq. ft. Oz also features private and shared balconies and courtyards where owners can find community or privacy as they see fit. The result is a space that provides a safe and comfortable living experience for owners but one that is funky enough to fit into the village.

"This is an exciting project from a construction perspective," adds Peter Grose. "All builders like to work on projects with innovative drawings and strategies. The Oz is all about quality with its steel and concrete infrastructure."

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