Issue 17 of Building Up

December 7, 2021

We hope you enjoy our newest issue of Building Up, Westland Construction's newsletter. We've attached it as a PDF, but you can also click this link to read it on our website.

In this edition, we take a look behind the scenes on the project lifecycle of Riverwood House, a Supportive Recovery Housing project for Winnipeg's at-risk population. Westland Construction joined the project as construction manager, but our participation in the non-profit project goes deeper than the piles in the 40-unit complex. In addition to leading the construction, we've invested in Riverwood House financially, confident that this initiative and the programming it offers will make a powerful difference in the lives of participants, as well as a positive impact on the Elmwood neighbourhood and our entire city.

In Industry Insights we give an inside look into our working relationship with Sputnik Architecture and why we continue to collaborate. From project to project, we not only build buildings, but we also build trust, and that is the foundation of our relationship with Peter Hargraves and the people at Sputnik.

And after 13 years of working with the Westland team, you'll get a chance to meet Susan Young, our invaluable project and safety administrator. Sue wears multiple hats at Westland and makes sure new construction projects and the company's safety department are running smoothly.

Thank you for spending some time with our newsletter. We hope you enjoy it, and we welcome your feedback, questions and ideas for upcoming issues.

  • Click here to read issue #17 of our Building Up newsletter, along with other issues.


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