Westland Fills the Prescription for Healthcare Project Success

October 20, 2020

It's never been more apparent how important critical healthcare infrastructure is to the local community.

Westland Construction is proud to be part of the pre-, current and post- pandemic solution, delivering leading-edge healthcare projects in the province. Long before the COVID-19 crisis, Westland has been hard at work on projects both small and large - everything from demolition for facilities management, to a C3 Nuclear Medicine ward, to most recently, a four-year fit-up at Victoria General Hospital, part of larger clinical consolidation phase.

"The thing about healthcare is that there's always an evolution of their programming, so there's always a constant flow of work that is required," says Peter Grose, Westland Construction President and CEO. "It's something that society needs and will always be there."

Westland's work on healthcare projects dates back to the 80s when Abe Penner, now a Westland retiree, began fostering positive work connections on site.

"All the relationships that he was able to cultivate in his years working in healthcare really served us well," explains Grose.

In an intricate industry with so many strict protocols and complicated components, a trusted and transparent rapport is crucial.

"They are a demanding environment to work for, but we appreciate and understand their needs," adds Grose. "Being a logistical and procedure-oriented organization lends Westland well to working within the confines and parameters of the healthcare environment."

Westland's Vice President and Project Manager, Craig Hildebrandt, agrees. Hildebrandt is a seasoned veteran when it comes to working on state-of-the-art healthcare construction.

"The fact that we're ISO 9001 Certified, use lean construction methods and have a very tight and streamlined organizational system applies itself very well to working in a complicated area like healthcare," explains Hildebrandt, adding that medical construction often contains tight timelines and budgets and involves an additional number of stakeholders, including those working in high risk areas with patients.

"Westland is a good fit for healthcare because we know a lot about how hospitals function and have experience with the stakeholders involved," says Hildebrandt.

Recently, Westland has applied their specialty knowledge and proficiency to a variety of healthcare renovations including the Deer Lodge Centre's Operational Injury Stress Clinic, a new cafeteria and food service area for the Grace Hospital and a prototype room at the HSC Children's Hospital. Currently, Westland is constructing a new floor at HSC for a renal dialysis laboratory.

Contributing to a vast array of healthcare projects, especially during a time of health uncertainty, is especially good medicine for the Westland team.

"We are proud to be working with our healthcare system," says Hildebrandt.

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