Westland Construction's COVID-19 Response Plan

March 25, 2020

Valued Westland Partner,

We want to take a moment to inform our construction partners that Westland continues to be committed to work within the current environment that COVID-19 has created. The following is an update on our office and jobsites.

Office: Our office remains open for business, but our front door is locked and we have equipped it with a door bell for deliveries. We do not promote any visitors at this time and request that instead you communicate with us with technology so we can do our part to minimize the spread of COVID. We do ask that packages that are required to be delivered be placed in the front receptacle and ring the bell to notify us of the delivery. We also request that no more fax communications, including quotations, invoices or general communications are sent. We promote all companies to email their correspondence as opposed to fax or physical mail.

Jobsites: Our jobsites remain open for now and will reassess the situation daily. We are working within these new circumstances to keep everybody safe and to assist in keeping our economy moving. We have communicated with our staff and the companies involved in our current projects so we know how to handle any of the situations that may arise.

We are proud of our 40 years of history and are putting this experience and strength to work to deal with this unique situation. We will be here throughout and after this issue is behind us. We will continue to do our part for our staff and construction partners and we invite your calls or emails to any of our Westland staff.


Peter Grose, CPA, CMA, B.A., CM-Lean
President & CEO


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