Dusting off the Trade Definitions

April 24, 2019

Construction is an ever-evolving industry, with advancements being made in technology and sustainability, and changes to terminology and industry practices on an ongoing basis.

As your industry association, it's important that we adapt and progress, providing members with the resources needed to properly navigate this dynamic environment. That's why, after several years, we've dusted off the Manitoba Trade Definitions (MTD) and completed a thorough update, bringing them back to the forefront and ensuring they are current and applicable.

In an industry that is constantly changing, the MTDs are certain and predictable. They are a set of documents designed to promote continuity, uniformity and economy in Manitoba's construction industry.

Together with consultations with trades, general contractors and other associations, we underwent the time-consuming task of refining and reworking the MTDs. We hosted several meetings and received firm feedback from the mechanical and electrical associations - groups that have had major advancements in their field. Thank you to all parties and people who gave generously of their time and expertise in the detailed review of this document. These individuals and groups are acknowledged on the following pages.

Our counterparts in Alberta completed a similar revision recently, putting extensive work into updating the Alberta Trade Definitions, and we were able to peek over the borders to see how we could utilize their advancements.

The result is a set of guidelines that establishes a level playing field for everyone in project execution. The definitions determine a scope of work and predict the responsibilities of each trade. They establish a level of consistency and certainty for the various contractors - general contractors or trade contractors, creating clear expectations between all parties and eliminating errors.

Now that this document is up to date, it will be sitting at the sidelines - a regular item on the annual agenda - so that we can keep it current. The intent is to continue to make minor tweaks so we can avoid massive overhauls. If you have recommended revisions to the MTDs, I encourage you to bring them forward so the Standard Practice Committee can review and ensure they are always applicable.

The Winnipeg Construction Association will be holding seminars to present and review the new MTDs. I recommend you register and re-educate yourself on these important guidelines for our industry.

Together We Build Manitoba.

Peter Grose, Chairperson of the Winnipeg Construction Association

  • This letter was originally published in the Spring 2019 issue of Build Manitoba magazine. Click here to read the full magazine on the official website of the Winnipeg Construction Association.
  • Click here to read and download the updated Trade Definitions.


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