Aqua Essence Swim Academy: View historical images of pool area construction

January 1, 2000

Access past still images.

From the top-right menu:

  • First elect the time period you wish to change (Year, Month, Day, Hour)
  • Then use the inner arrows to change values.
  • Or use the outer arrows to play all images forward or backward increasing or deceasing that time period selected.

Additional tips for using the above player:

  • To see image in full-screen mode, select the "..." in the bottom-right of the player above and select the full-screen icon. Select the "..." to hide those options again.
  • If the menu in the top right of the player is expanded and blocking the video, it can be minimized by selecting on the menu/'hamburger' icon twice.

See more footage of this project from our camera on site:

Time-lapse video of project so far

Live still image

Live stream video


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