Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


    MCAM's Annual Pioneer Night

    Wed. October 10 2018 to Thu. October 10 2019

    Westland sponsored the Champagne & Hors D'euvres at the Mechanical Contractors Association of Manitoba's 2018 Pioneer Night.

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  • Jun

    20th Annual Golf Tournament

    Fri. June 07 2019

    Westland Construction is excited to host our 20th golf tournament!

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Past Events

  • Sep

    CSAM's First Annual "THE SAFETYS"

    Wed. September 26 2018

    Peter Grose attended the CSAM's first annual "THE SAFETYS a celebration of workplace safety"

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  • Sep

    Morberg House Large Scale Renovation

    Mon. September 24 2018

    To continue their non-profit work, Morberg house is undergoing a large scale renovation and Peter Grose of Westland Construction is partnering to assist in this project in order to prevent Morberg from closing.

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  • Sep

    Community Reception Dinner Honouring Jan Gehl

    Wed. September 19 2018

    Westland Construction sponsored the WCC's Community Reception Dinner honouring Jan Gehl, Founder of Gehl Architects.

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  • Sep

    Superintendent Committee Meeting

    Tue. September 18 2018

    The Superintendent's Committee meets quarterly to improve efficiency and discuss procedures that are working and areas that require improvement

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  • Sep

    Westland Family BBQ

    Sun. September 09 2018

    Westland is holding a BBQ for staff and their families.

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  • Aug

    Safety Committee Meeting

    Wed. August 22 2018

    The Safety Committee meets regularly to help Westland promote and enhance health and safety for all staff.

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  • Jun

    Heart & Stroke Big Bike Fundraiser

    Fri. June 15 2018

    Westland will be riding the Big Bike in support of the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

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  • Jun

    19th Annual Golf Tournament

    Fri. June 08 2018

    Our 19th golf tournament will have a Hawaiian theme.

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  • Jun

    Wellness Week

    Mon. June 04 2018 to Fri. June 08 2018

    Our inaugural wellness week will promote healthy living and wellness for all staff members.

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  • Feb

    2018 WCA Annual General Meeting and Chair's Reception

    Wed. February 21 2018

    The Winnipeg Construction Association is holding its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, February 21, 2018.

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  • Jan

    Hockey Night at Westland - Year End Staff Party

    Fri. January 12 2018

    Our annual year end staff party, marking the end of 2017.

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